Our Print Products

Here at Meltoma Design we are experienced in designing a wide range of products. As well as logo design and web design, we can assist with the design of printed products that can be used for your marketing.

These include, but are not limited to the following:

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PIEStationery Stationery is a must for any company and for the majority, it will be the first thing that people see when dealing with you so the design of your stationery is key. Business cards are a tried and tested way of communicating with others in business but they can also be used for loyalty cards and mini calendars ensuring that you will be with your clients all year round!

The letterhead design is just as important as the information you will overprint on to it and luckily we have lots of experience in designing letterheads so we can make it work for you. Compliment slips are also a great means of communicating with potential and existing clients and can sometimes add a little more of a personal touch to the communication between you and your client; being that little bit more informal than letterheads. You can also use these as mini feedback forms or questionnaire forms.

We have designed and printed stationery and business cards for many clients already and made it work for them so why not let us try for you too!


Folders are great for giving you and your company that professional look. You can use them to keep important documents together in one place to hand to existing or even potential clients, a neat sample pack holder or simply as an impressive cover for your enclosed company information. We have designed some great folder and insert packs and they are certainly impressive once put together so if you want something with instant impact these are definitely worth thinking about. We have been fortunate enough to produce both corporate and more informal designs for folders so there really are no limitations. There are a wide range of folder finishes and templates so there is bound to be one out there that will work for you. They needn’t be the standard A4 size folders either – smaller A5 folders are a certain talking point and are also cheaper to post!


Notepads are a great way to guarantee that you are in your clients thoughts each day. We have designed notepads that are widely distributed and the clients will always use them. We have also designed notepads to be used as prescription pads and invoice sets. Of course, we have also designed NCR sets fit for that same purpose but it all depends on what is right for you.

Stickers Stickers are a great little product and can also be used as novelty print products, depending on the design! We have designed stickers for use on envelopes, extending offers on existing print materials, labels for products and novelty name badges. As stickers are very versatile we have found that designing stickers consistent with a brand means that they can be ordered in bulk once but then used on a huge variety of items. As mentioned, they are great for personalising envelopes or for just adding a little bit of your branding to an otherwise blank and bland product such as a plain plastic or paper bag. Children also love stickers so if your company works with the younger generation they are a definite must have!


Leaflets Leaflets are a great way to get yourself out there. We have experience in designing leaflets of all sizes and for many different businesses. Whether you are using them to introduce yourself to a wider audience or to promote a money-off offer to new and existing clients, leaflets are a very cost-effective option. You could use them as a teaser with a few of your best deals present on the design to encourage your audience to visit you directly, or include a call to action that potential clients couldn’t possibly resist. You could also combine them with a plush folder and use them as inserts to promote different products, services or departments, dedicating an entire page to each one.


Folded Leaflets Folded leaflets are a very popular and versatile product. You can use them as menu’s for restaurants, cafes and take-aways or as mini brochures with information about your products and services. Many people choose to use these as price lists and there is always the option to add a little bit of information about the charged services. We have a lot of experience in the design of folded leaflets and can offer advice on how best to use the space available with the information you have. Of course, depending on the impression you wish to make, you can increase the thickness of paper from a leaflet to more luxurious feeling folded showcards.

Flyers A step up from leaflets, flyers make great hand-outs. You can use them to promote a special event at your club or pub, a discount voucher to encourage people to use your services or take them to shows and exhibitions for people to take away and remember you. Whatever the event, we can help with your flyer design and make it work for you and your business.



graphic design londonShowcards Showcards are a product with that affordable luxury feel about them. They are great for getting yourself noticed as they are too thick to ignore! Much like postcards, showcards can serve more than a marketing purpose if you choose a showcard design that allows your audience to make use of it in a personal way. As they are quite a robust product, people are more likely to hang on to them – even more so if they have a great design to match. You can use these as wedding or birthday invitations, as a means of showcasing some work that you are particularly proud of or as giveaways at shows and exhibitions. Folded showcards are also great for menu’s or in-store price lists. With plenty of finishes available, and with the right design, showcards can be a product that really works for you.

Postcards Postcards are a nostalgic product, people will always love a postcard! They are a great way of subtly getting your name out there as they are a multi-purpose item. We can design your postcard so that you get your business heard whilst providing a great product that people can use. If you maintain the true purpose of a postcard, people will use it and pass it on to others and in turn your name gets spread amongst others you wouldn’t have necessarily reached out to before. They work particularly well if images form a strong part of your brand.

Greeting Cards Guaranteed to be proudly displayed in the home or office of your client, whether it be a Birthday Card, Christmas Card or even a Thank You Card. Sending a greeting card to a client shows that you care and are willing to make the effort and we are able to produce a card design that will work for you and put a smile on the face of whoever is lucky enough to receive it.

Logo design in LondonBanners Banners are great for exhibitions or just as a talking point in the corner of your customer facing office. Banner design is important as it is likely that you are using the banner to make an impact. The most popular banners that we have designed are roller banners that can be put up quickly and efficiently when you are out and about.

Posters Posters are a great way to grab attention. We have done quite a lot of poster designs ranging from the simple but effective to the more complex and involving. Either way, posters are a great way of advertising short promotions, new locations or key bits of information.


brochure design NW1Booklets & Brochures Booklets are a great product for showcasing everything about your brand that you are proud of. You can use them as catalogues, programmes, informative reading, reports, corporate brochures, look books and price lists. Brochure design is very important as you want this to work for you – people will know that you are serious if you have put effort into producing a long-lasting booklet. At our graphic design studio here in Camden we offer a range of brochure design packages and can also use our UK print partners to ensure that you get a finish that looks truly fantastic.

Calendars When it comes to organising for the New Year, many people feel like they have enough on their plate. If you want us to design and print a striking calendar we can take some of the stress out of this for you. Then not only can you use this for yourself but you can send others to potential and existing clients. A much appreciated gift and not only that – it will be a timely reminder of you and your business every month for the next year. You can choose for us to design a 12 or 14 month hanging calendar, a single page hanging calendar, a huge wall planner or a neat and tidy desk case calendar. We can customise the design towards your business so that you end up with a unique and relevant design.