Our Clients

Here at Meltoma Design we offer graphic design services to a wide range of clients throughout the UK. Working from our design studio in Camden, London we provide web and print design services for a wide range of business sectors:

  Hotels and Restaurants

We have worked with a number of hotels and restaurants to design a variety of products such as brochures, catalogues, menu’s, posters, table talkers, door hangers as well as leaflets, flyers and business cards. Some of the more unusual design requests we have had include drink savers which are slotted on to bottles or glasses in bars for when you go to the toilet or for a cigarette.

 Schools and Universities

We have been fortunate enough to design for a number of educational institutions. This has included the design of programmes for school productions, folded leaflets for school sports days as well as invitations for special occasions and stationery design.

 Charities and NGOs

We have experience of designing for people on a budget and have been lucky to design for a number of charitable organisations. This has included logo design, web design as well as the design of printed material such as informative leaflets, stationery and booklet packs.


We have a number of clients in the healthcare sector so we are familiar with creating suitable designs for this area. A number of these clients have, at some point, needed to create designs that work alongside the NHS brand guidelines so we have experience in doing this.

 Music, Exhibitions and Entertainment

Many of our clients work in the music and entertainment industry and we have been fortunate enough to create some fresh and contemporary designs for them.

Retail – Shops etc

Whether it be jewellery or food that you are selling, we have been designing for the retail sector since we started. We have designed menus, catalogues, leaflets and flyers as well as loyalty cards and invites to special events.

Gyms, Sports Clubs, Physio clinics etc

Fitness and well-being is a very popular sector and we have been lucky enough to produce designs for a wide range of clients in this area, whether it be for one to one personal trainers or a communal gym. We have designed mainly printed products such as price lists, service lists or promotional flyers but we have also assisted in the design of websites.

And many more!